Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Science is NOT Religion

Often one sees a conversation or debate on the web wherein one side takes a strong position about the so-called inviolate "laws of physics" and claims these laws prevents so and so effect whether it be free energy, levitation, HHO mileage extensions, spirituality, life after death, Brown's Gas or whatever. Most if not all of these proponents have never dug through or investigated these so-called "laws of physics" and as such are simply mouthing the words of dogma and doctrine someone else said before them. In other words they are more like parrots or other trained non-thinking animal who learned that when doing what they are bid by their "superiors" (experts, teachers, employers, owners) they get rewarded. When they go against the status quo or contrary to the accepted or politically correct dogma and doctrine they are punished or penalized. This is of course more like a pious religious stance and nothing like real science wherein everything and every authority is persistently questioned. So the beat of ignorance and conceit goes on...

On the other hand science is not a democracy (mob rule). Facts are facts and are not decided by vote or consensus as is often done in the so-called environmental movement. Ideally science pursues truth no matter whose sacred cow gets gored. Unfortunately, the real world for science is to do what the guy with the money wants. For instance there are unlimited funds for inventing and producing services, products and processes for controlling and killing people. There are few funds for doing the opposite of promoting Life, Light and Love in our communities.