Friday, February 24, 2012

What is Karma?

Sometimes called Law of Cause and Effect and or viewed as an effect or consequence of some previous deed or thought which is sometimes referred to (when negative or unwanted) as sin (in spiritual terms) or introductory impulse (in physical terms). See CauseEffect

Karma can be instant or near instant in that every thought may lead to a choice which leads to adecision which leads to action which creates the effect or consequence. In other words thoughts and actions are the CAUSE which create the EFFECTS or consequences we experience as our life - on a day by day and even hour by hour basis. Therefore one ought to be careful of their thoughtschoicesand actions. Positive thoughts, choices and actions lead to positive effects or consequences and vice versa. See As a Man Thinketh

Cause and Effect. That every material, mundane (knowable, observable) thing is a result of spiritual(virtual) causes. See Scalar

"Karma, I would like to say, is an excuse for continuing a pattern that you have become comfortable with. Most often that pattern is one which says that there is good and bad and that to experience the fullness of anything you must have experienced both aspects of it. This is only a choice. But if this is your choice, then that will be your pattern." (A Dialogue on Awakening)

Friday, March 25, 2011

What Is God?

The long and the short of it is we know what sympathetic vibration is and we know what quantum entanglement is; both being basically the same dynamics. All atoms and molecules are composed of the same quantum aliquot or composite parts; i.e., electrons, protons, etc. These in turn are composed of even smaller parts; i.e, photons, quarks and the like. We know then a few axioms:

  1. There are no atoms or molecules anywhere in the universe that are not composed of these fine quantum particles.
  2. Each of these particles vibrates and oscillates perpetually to set frequencies.
  3. Each type of particle vibrates and oscillates to the same frequencies.
  4. Therefore every type of quantum particle is sympathetically connected or entangled with its own type regardless of Time or Space.

God then is when these minute quantum aliquot parts are in sympathetic resonance or quantum entangled. What happens to any of these parts anywhere in the universe is felt or known by all the other parts in real time. This connecting link or sympathy is what God is. Sympathy is the same thing as Love. Such a dynamic real-time connection is "omni-aware" (implying consciousness) and beyond Time and Space. It is everywhere (omniscient), all the time present (omnipresent). Couple this concept with the laws of nature that govern the creation and sympathetic association of everything that is and we have the very wheelwork of nature knowing itself and governing its activities.

Friday, June 11, 2010


For some time I've been building a comprehensive paradigm wherein the science of Keely, Russell, Cayce, Tesla and many others is being synthesized into a One Whole Paradigm of Science and Philosophy.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vibratory Health

What are the notes, intervals, time and beats of health giving sounds or music?

Sorry, I don't have those details as every case is different. What I do have are principles that if learned, understood and applied will reconstitute that condition known as "health":

"Health is harmony. Disease is discord." Keely

Harmony = balance = equilibrium in continuous interchange.

Health must have polarity and these polarities must interchange periodically. Without polarity there is death because lack of polarity is lack of that which makes life life; i.e., polar conflicts as in male/female, black/white, hot/cold, young/old, etc. Modern medicine does not recognize polarity which is a real shame on us all. Every cell of the body is polarized. Every organ in polarized. Every action of the body is polar; i.e., breathing in/out, heart beat contraction/expansion, blood flow out/back, etc. Disrupt these rhythmic motions and life ceases.

The ebb and flow of sound and music can reinforce these rhythms through synchronization, vibratory and oscillatory sympathy and entrainment. We tend to get sedentary and lose the natural polarization and rhythms of the body. ANY kind of rhythmic motion will assist in re-establishing natural vibrations and oscillations in the body and mind. Dance, massage, walking, running, swimming, breathing, chanting, music all reinforce the natural tones.

So to point to an answer to the original question it is all about CHORDS more than specific single tone frequencies. All tones are complex due to natural occurring harmonics. So even if one has good experiences with single tone frequencies it is an illusion because of the harmonics also being experienced at the same time and cannot be escaped although they can and often are ignored.

Read Walter Russell for conditions of harmony/heath and discord/disease, etc. To go even further read Phineas P. Quimby's writings on health as an EFFECT of one's thinking. His works are on the web and can be googled easily enough.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Word (Mind) of God

I do not disagree with you Tony. I just have a few more questions than most people permit themselves to entertain.

Take, for instance, a Bigger Picture...

How many stars are there in our galaxy called the Milky Way?
How many of those stars have occupied planets?
How many occupied planets are there in ONE galaxy?
How many galaxies are in this one photo (see above) of a teeny-weeny portion of our night sky?

How many of the countless peoples on these countless planets moving through countless galaxies have formed spiritual beliefs and written them down in their sacred texts?
How many of those countless texts would agree with each other?
Where would they agree and where would they differ?
Where and how did they get their "divine revelations"?

If you say they all got it from the same One Source then you have to explain how One Source/Entity can somewhat successfully communicate with all those countless people (in their own languages) independent of Time and Space. The only thing we know of that operates independently of Time and Space is Mind sometimes called consciousness and sometimes called undifferentiated or scalar waves by science. So could we then say God communicates to his peoples from His Mind and into their Consciousnesses? Would that be like so-called telepathy; i.e., direct communication from Divine Mind to maybe our 'Lesser Mind'? And what exactly is 'Mind' or 'Consciousness'? Is it "awareness" of self and no-self? Whatever it is is Mind not known to us via our thoughts? Are not then our thoughts a portion of our Minds? Are not then our thoughts an EXPRESSION of our Mind? Are not words an effect of our  thoughts? Therefore our words,  like our thoughts, are an expression of our  Mind.

So when a sacred text refers to the "Word of God" could it not be referring to an EXPRESSION of God? Is not the the word of God His expression? And can that Divine Expressioning take on different modes such as talking burning bushes (Moses) and thunderous disembodied voices, spontaneous revelation to consciousness (Peter), etc.?

My deeper feelings would have me question everything and suppose there is much more to this than we, sitting on this tiny and seemingly insignificant speck of dust in a back corner of our galaxy, could surmise from our all too brief view and contemplation of Time and Space and all that it means.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Value of Dynaspheres

Lots of people misbelieve my work is mostly "airy-fairy physics-metaphysics" but they miss the beef while focusing on the sizzle, bun and trimmings. There aren't that many 'out there' that can and do understand and I'm always on the look-out for those that do. Seems those that do are already standing on a Threshold of Greater Awareness and  can feel, see and step across that Threshold into varying levels of Cosmic Consciousness from time to time - which the dynaspheres facilitate. This facilitating of expanded consciousness and heart is the real value (currently) of dynaspheres. Even a casual review of the many testimonials reveals a breath-taking array of human enhancements.

Dynasphere Testimonials

Monday, September 15, 2008

Black Holes vs Neutral Centers

The concept  of Black Holes  is interesting to me because at the center of the dynaspheres is what we call a Neutral Center. The Neutral Center is similar yet different from conventional ideas of Black Holes. Just the other day I was watching a Nova episode (available through titled "Monster of the Milky Way" which is about the 'discovery' and exploration of what they think is a Black Hole at the very center of our galaxy. If you can get this episode I recommend it. While some of what they present is compelling they themselves admit they do not have a good definition of what a Black Hole is.

The conventional concept of a Black Hole is based almost entirely on their concept of gravity yet they have no description of what gravity is or how it works. They only have descriptions of what they perceive are actions of gravity. The other half of their Black Hole concept is based on Einstein's THEORY of Space/Time curvature which I regard as pure fantasy. Keely's definition of gravity makes far more sense than anyone else's ideas or definitions of gravity:

"Gravity is an eternal existing condition in etheric space, from which all visible forms are condensed. It is inherent in all forms of matter, visible and invisible. It is not subject to time or space. It is an established connective link between all forms of matter from their aggregation. Time is annihilated by it, as it has already traversed space when the neutral centers of the molecules were established. It is nothing more than an attractive, sympathetic stream, flowing towards the neutral center of the earth, emanating from molecular centers of neutrality, concordant with the earth's center of neutrality and seeking its medium of affinity with a power corresponding to the character of the molecular mass." [John Worrell Keely, circa 1886]