Friday, February 24, 2012

What is Karma?

Sometimes called Law of Cause and Effect and or viewed as an effect or consequence of some previous deed or thought which is sometimes referred to (when negative or unwanted) as sin (in spiritual terms) or introductory impulse (in physical terms). See CauseEffect

Karma can be instant or near instant in that every thought may lead to a choice which leads to adecision which leads to action which creates the effect or consequence. In other words thoughts and actions are the CAUSE which create the EFFECTS or consequences we experience as our life - on a day by day and even hour by hour basis. Therefore one ought to be careful of their thoughtschoicesand actions. Positive thoughts, choices and actions lead to positive effects or consequences and vice versa. See As a Man Thinketh

Cause and Effect. That every material, mundane (knowable, observable) thing is a result of spiritual(virtual) causes. See Scalar

"Karma, I would like to say, is an excuse for continuing a pattern that you have become comfortable with. Most often that pattern is one which says that there is good and bad and that to experience the fullness of anything you must have experienced both aspects of it. This is only a choice. But if this is your choice, then that will be your pattern." (A Dialogue on Awakening)

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