Thursday, April 24, 2008

Downstream Physics

Recently I've been reading on or about Einstein, Bearden, Feynman and all those crusty physicists. It is all very thought provoking. It seems to me, and I could be all wrong about this, as it looks like conventional science considers the physics of the universe to be about particles and fields only. I mean that is what I get out of all the theoretical stuff.

But can this be true? Can a particle/field view of the universe answer all the questions? I don't think so. It seems to me that particles are an EFFECT of vibratory/oscillatory motions. Fields are also expressions of vibratory and oscillatory actions and reactions. This then would indicate particles and fields are EFFECTS of some other CAUSE and that cause would be periodic motion in its varied forms. This brings us back to my original premise from some twenty-four  years ago that vibration is at the root of all physical manifestation and if we were to come to some deeper understanding of how the universe works we would need to study and understand the nature of vibration inside and out. Which of course is the very core and heart of SVP. SVP deals with CAUSE because cause is the fulcrum upon which great work can be done by applying principles and laws - the levers of physical science. The dogma and erudition of EFFECTS have no place in real science.


penelopej said...

i agree that the dogma of "effects" has no place in science. It is an old psychology. The fundamentals of the Etheric spectrum are of more relevance to study. The causal and polar relation and reaction of Ether (and/as sound) to matter. Ether substands the physical atomic. It is the cause and magnetic form of the "electric" physical. Synthesis as a result of "magnetic" interplay produces infinite, potential,energy,healing,etc.The relation and reaction of the "positive" to the "negative" needs utilizing.

penelopej said...

in consideration of magnetic causation, and knowing that every electric field has a magnetic field, its etheric counterpart which is the life source literally and archetypally,What of the possibilities of the causative effect of "magnetic" thought fields. mental causation, creating a magnetic atmosphere at a distance in "body" or "object"?