Thursday, May 22, 2008

HHO and the "Keely Frequencies"

I get a lot of calls and emails from perfect strangers demanding I give them the frequencies Keely used to dissociate, "break" or "loosen" water. I'm always amazed at this. My stock answer is "If I had that information I would be sitting on a Caribbean beach and it would be my beach." And seeing as how valuable such information potentially is why would I simply give it up for FREE to a perfect stranger just because they demand I do so?

I could (and am) writing a book on just this topic. I am also conducting investigative research into the nature and generation of Brown's Gas and HHO. The basic elements pertaining to an answer to this question would include but are not limited to:

1) Frequencies of what? How? Why?
2) 99.99% of those seeking such information are not qualified to understand or apply the answer.
3) Obviously, there is MUCH MORE to the vibratory make-up and dissociation of water than a simple frequency. BTW, the so-called Keely Frequencies are and have been publicly available in the literature for over 115 years. See here. But unless one understands what Keely did and how and have a truer grasp of vibratory physics basics they are not going to be able to develop anything real as regards acoustic dissociation of water.
4) It is absurd to think water is "broken" or "loosened" by a single specific vibratory frequency or it would have already been done. And this is especially true of digitally developed square waves which Keely DID NOT have or use.
5) I've already written extensively about this on my web site. Please read and study it.
6) It is presumptuous to assume I would divulge any information to perfect strangers beyond what I'm already giving away for free through my books, lectures and web site. If you are serious and have legitimate business interests then contact me and we'll see what we can do together.

I could go on and on but you get the picture. There is not a simple solution to such a complex issue. If one truly seeks such information my suggestion is to read and study Keely and Russell's writings, my writings and lectures, conventional physics and watch all those YouTube videos on HHO, Joe Cells, Brown's Gas,  electrolysis, etc. There is a certain power of discovery in what does not work.....


Ally Eden said...

Keely frequancies in literature? isn,t that abit weak? I's like to know why illussionis all there is?. since to fall from a building wouldn'd save you no matter how many times you did a mantra on convincing yourself that life is just an illussion.

Gaby de Wilde said...

Use Dr. Andrija Punarich frequencies!

It's like Yull Brown and Victor Shauberger said.

Implosion is free energy.

I mean brownsgas doesn't just, only, merely implode 1860:1, it EXPLODES first!

I think Keely was the first human to figure it out. Yeah, I can see him do this :-)

The piston shrimp discovered it 100 000 years before him.

Made quite the livin of it to.


here, good fun.

Send me a card from the Pond-beach, I would sure value that.

Keep up the good work!

Suspend faith!


Dale Pond said...

I have always encouraged people to do their own research. Else where is the growth?

Dale Pond said...

Hey Gaby, great web page! It is always good to see one who understands enough not to slam Keely right out. The photo coloring is great too! May I use it on my web site? (With due credit of course.)

Anonymous said...

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