Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vibratory Health

What are the notes, intervals, time and beats of health giving sounds or music?

Sorry, I don't have those details as every case is different. What I do have are principles that if learned, understood and applied will reconstitute that condition known as "health":

"Health is harmony. Disease is discord." Keely

Harmony = balance = equilibrium in continuous interchange.

Health must have polarity and these polarities must interchange periodically. Without polarity there is death because lack of polarity is lack of that which makes life life; i.e., polar conflicts as in male/female, black/white, hot/cold, young/old, etc. Modern medicine does not recognize polarity which is a real shame on us all. Every cell of the body is polarized. Every organ in polarized. Every action of the body is polar; i.e., breathing in/out, heart beat contraction/expansion, blood flow out/back, etc. Disrupt these rhythmic motions and life ceases.

The ebb and flow of sound and music can reinforce these rhythms through synchronization, vibratory and oscillatory sympathy and entrainment. We tend to get sedentary and lose the natural polarization and rhythms of the body. ANY kind of rhythmic motion will assist in re-establishing natural vibrations and oscillations in the body and mind. Dance, massage, walking, running, swimming, breathing, chanting, music all reinforce the natural tones.

So to point to an answer to the original question it is all about CHORDS more than specific single tone frequencies. All tones are complex due to natural occurring harmonics. So even if one has good experiences with single tone frequencies it is an illusion because of the harmonics also being experienced at the same time and cannot be escaped although they can and often are ignored.

Read Walter Russell for conditions of harmony/heath and discord/disease, etc. To go even further read Phineas P. Quimby's writings on health as an EFFECT of one's thinking. His works are on the web and can be googled easily enough.

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