Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Word (Mind) of God

I do not disagree with you Tony. I just have a few more questions than most people permit themselves to entertain.

Take, for instance, a Bigger Picture...

How many stars are there in our galaxy called the Milky Way?
How many of those stars have occupied planets?
How many occupied planets are there in ONE galaxy?
How many galaxies are in this one photo (see above) of a teeny-weeny portion of our night sky?

How many of the countless peoples on these countless planets moving through countless galaxies have formed spiritual beliefs and written them down in their sacred texts?
How many of those countless texts would agree with each other?
Where would they agree and where would they differ?
Where and how did they get their "divine revelations"?

If you say they all got it from the same One Source then you have to explain how One Source/Entity can somewhat successfully communicate with all those countless people (in their own languages) independent of Time and Space. The only thing we know of that operates independently of Time and Space is Mind sometimes called consciousness and sometimes called undifferentiated or scalar waves by science. So could we then say God communicates to his peoples from His Mind and into their Consciousnesses? Would that be like so-called telepathy; i.e., direct communication from Divine Mind to maybe our 'Lesser Mind'? And what exactly is 'Mind' or 'Consciousness'? Is it "awareness" of self and no-self? Whatever it is is Mind not known to us via our thoughts? Are not then our thoughts a portion of our Minds? Are not then our thoughts an EXPRESSION of our Mind? Are not words an effect of our  thoughts? Therefore our words,  like our thoughts, are an expression of our  Mind.

So when a sacred text refers to the "Word of God" could it not be referring to an EXPRESSION of God? Is not the the word of God His expression? And can that Divine Expressioning take on different modes such as talking burning bushes (Moses) and thunderous disembodied voices, spontaneous revelation to consciousness (Peter), etc.?

My deeper feelings would have me question everything and suppose there is much more to this than we, sitting on this tiny and seemingly insignificant speck of dust in a back corner of our galaxy, could surmise from our all too brief view and contemplation of Time and Space and all that it means.


eaglefox said...

I am using this post to get access.
You have stated music intervals in your discourses. Every note on our "conventional" scale is made up of 12 notes spaced by a specific PERCENTAGE increase of the twelth root of 2. That means each note is higher than the previous note by 1.059463094....
When each note is multiplied by this value to obtain the next note, then at the 13th note it is exactly doubled. Has to be,.. it was after all the twelve root of 2. So a 14 note system increments by the percentage of the 14th root of 2. 10 notes would be 10th root of 2, etc, etc..
If you didn't already know this, then I hope it helps.
Terry Craycraft

eaglefox said...

I will respond to this post as it was posted. I agree to the "Mind of God" aspect as Dale stated it. I feel that the principle of salvation is INATELY within all human beings as a method of cleansing. That is,you MUST accept, that in order to recieve the necessary cleansing to enter into "Heaven" you must be cleansed by the acceptance that the very Son of God did pay the penalty of our "sin" ie., the direct disobedience to the laws created by God for the harmony of all mankind. If you do not accept this forgiveness ( cleansing), then you would be a disruptive being to the "Kingdom" ( a Principle) of the very Creator Himself. Then it would not be a Harmonious system at all, but hell. So that is why Jesus said , you must be "reborn". Born into the realm of the fullness of the Kingdom Created by the creator Himself. If we accept that we are dealing with an intelligent "mind" system of all things then obviously it was created to start with.

Dale Pond said...


Your comments on the standard structure of an octave is correct. As you no doubt know there are countless tuning structures some of which use more or less notes per octave.

Dale Pond said...


Thank you for your interpretation of "awakening" and rebirthing, etc. I do not 100% agree with your view but have interpreted these concepts in a slightly different way. Some have been recorded here:

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penelopej said...

is the mind of God the universal mind. The field of synthesis and unity, the Telepathic field of interconnectedness. is this radiating field also light and sound, the word?