Monday, March 17, 2008

SVP is becoming a success

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP) is becoming a success. There are now at least two devices built by others who attribute some credit to SVP as source of inspiration.

A self-running electrical motor generator combination with 900 net watts output.

Over-unity ultrasonic water heater.

And then there are these "new" fields of scientific endeavor:


Quantum Entanglement

Coherent Coupling

As Steiner predicted, SVP will become the science of his future, which is our Now.


Ally Eden said...

These are very good videos. The first one made me wonder why that guy was able to turn off all of those hot light bulbs tho in a row without some kind of mitts? unless they were low watts individually>

Dale Pond said...

Guys who work with tools and hot lights develop a resistance in their fingers to such as the heat from a light bulb. At one time I worked with hot metal linotype machines and could after a while handle the hot lead slugs that few others would touch. Goes with the territory...