Friday, March 14, 2008

Violations of the so-called Second Law of Thermodynamics

Wikipedia: The second law says that the amount of random movement; i.e., the entropy, can only increase in a closed system; i.e., that we cannot put this randomness in order.

That is a strange definition because very random water vapor particles self-organize into beautiful geometric snow flakes.

First off there are no closed systems. They may be closed to a specified range of vibration but other more finer ranges will permeate any barriers.

Examples of Centropy (accumulating energy) as opposed to the mistaken idea there exists only Entropy.

1) Snow builded up in high mountains. Which when melted, releases stored gravity, will power hydroelectric plants.

2) Wood builded up in trees. Which when burned liberates heat that can create steam which can produce electric power.

3) Work Energy accumulated in an oxen or mule bodies. Which when put to work can produce power in many useful ways.

4) Warm air which is warmth stored up in great masses of air. Which when expended against cooler masses of air creates winds which when harnassed properly can produce electric power.

I'm sure if we put our minds to it we can come up with countless other examples where this law is shown to be bogus. Which brings up another mind-freeing thought: How many other "laws of physics" are bogus and have been holding us back from Greater Science and Technologies?


Ally Eden said...

accumulating energy? we know about thermodynamics, but the trick is to see it in action, would be nice if science invented a miroscope that sees in three dimensional.

Ally Eden

Thomas said...

"How many other "laws of physics" are bogus and have been holding us back from Greater Science and Technologies?"

I have often pondered the same question.

Jeremy Holt said...

I think Centropy can we be defined as half of the creative principle, eg: things are accumulated, only to be destroyed. centropy - into - entropy. The key is the simultaneous encompassment of both side's of the duality. Centroy cannot exist without entropy, and vice versa.

Water accumulates in the ocean only to be exchanged into an entropic form - cloud's.

Rudi said...

I personally found those laws not to be correct some time ago.
I suggest that anyone who wonders
what other laws of Physics are also
not fully correct look into the Writings and Teachings of Walter and Lao Russell.
Especially the one Year home Study Course.The first and second law of
thermodynamics are mentioned in the
Prelude to that course as being not correct.