Sunday, March 9, 2008

What I have been doing

I get emails and phone calls asking me what I have been working on. Mostly I've been writing and editing the SVP Cosmology. The published (free) version of that work can be seen here. This linked document is the public version (1.0). I have been working on version 2.0 which is now 2.1 and will be released as an update the end of this month or early April to those who've purchased the program. The Table of Contents to 2.1 can be seen here. This work is the final synthesis of all the years' of study I put into Keely, Russell et al. It is a veritable Rosetta Stone for the New Science paradigm struggling to birth itself upon the world scene.

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See said...

Dear Dale Pond,

I have had that close encounters kind of compulsion since I was three.

Your work is fascinating and I will continue to learn more about you.

When the internet came to be, it rekindled my fascination for how saucers work and we created our website:

Because I'm not a scientist but a media guy I thought perhaps my ticket to ride would be to make a movie, The Quest For Gravity Control, and we put the call out for any person or team to come forth and demonstrate on demand, gravity control. It's 7 years ago now and when we threw up the website I thought we'd have it aced in two weeks. Of course, I also thought in 1968 that antigravity would be announced soon because the word, pollution, was becoming popular. After a few years since creating, we heard from W. David Barclay, who asked, what's this all about. He claimed that he had shopped his idea in the 70's to no avail and he had a new and different idea from zap and spin. It wasn't really sympathetic vibration either. It's focus. Please see Project Unity.
It involves a magnetic array focussed to the earth's centre.

We, well, David has written a book on his theory which you can download here:

Thanky you for your time.
James B. Nicholson