Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Water for Fuel Systems

Water for Fuel systems


This is an interesting system. The company claims $4.5 million in sales with near zero refund requests. Perhaps they are on to something? What is so interesting are the comments after this article. One would think the naysayer hounds chewing on this company are not supportive of Alternative Energy sources, reduced pollution solutions and bettering their own future prospects. The general movement for Liberty happening world-wide in various venues including but not limited to the current U.S. Presidential campaign and the development of pollution and cost free energy sources, needs all the support it can get. These negative people would serve themselves and others better if they did more research, more bench tests and astute diverse testing and measuring and a lot less braying and howling at those who are putting themselves, their time, their MONEY and very lives into inventing a better future for us all - including for the snarling hounds who demand everything be for FREE, which, of course, ain't never gonna happen....

It cost time, effort and MONEY to do basic research and development. But then those who don't do any research wouldn't know that or appreciate it if they were told so.

PS: There is a simple explanation (in part anyway) why this system works - or any similar system. The basic concept behind the operative principle of how a small amount of specially produced gas can have a larger effect than a larger quantity of ordinarily produced gas can be deciphered from this:


A more update version of the above document is available here:


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