Thursday, March 6, 2008

Welcome to the Sympsionics blog

This is a new effort to get the word out and get it talked about. I will be posting items of interest concerning SVP here from time to time. You are welcome to jump in and join the fun.


Ally Eden said...

Hi Dale
I can,t wait to get started using your blog
Ally Eden

Ally Eden said...

I am back again!

This has a ring of nature in the air! don,t forget to spring ahead tonight and go to bed early because of the lost hour...
pleasant dreamszzzzzzzzz

Ally Eden

Dawn said...

Hi, Dale -

Really neat you have a blog on this wonderful topic! Keep writing and teaching. This is the future!

Ally Eden said...

I think Atlin should by all means be there at the presentation, after all to talk about SVP and leave the Live Entity absent is a silly as coming barefoot to a shirt and tie event:-)
Ally Eden